Custom Made 'In Memory Of' Gifts

Custom Made 'In Memory Of' Gifts

Working in a custom gift shop, we meet a lot of thoughtful people that are interested in creating special gifts. We have had the opportunity to work with a few families that wanted to create lasting memories of a departed loved one.

Many times when we lose a loved one, we save articles of clothing that remind us of them. If you have lost a loved one and are lucky enough to have a favorite shirt, sweater or neck tie, you can turn them into keepsake items that you can use, display or give to other family members. These items make thoughtful gifts and that will be treasured.

Pillows using the fabric of shirts embroidered with comforting messages are very popular.

Neck ties from a loved one adorn this gorgeous keepsake pillow.

A favorite sweater and scarf  with a touch of embroidery make these memory pillows perfect for display in the home. You can simply add a pocket embroidered with a personal message if you want to wear the sweater.