Turn off the Day with a Story

Turn off the Day with a Story

Turn off the Day with a Story.

Like any mother, you learn the art of rituals and scheduling when little ones come into your life.  Raising children is an adjustment, I found it comforting to have "times" to move the day along and get things done.  My favorites: play time, bath time, and bedtime.  I like the fun stuff!  I loved it when they were squeaky clean form the bath and ready to snuggle.  I would read them bedtime stories and as they grew, they would read to me.  

Loving the idea of reading a story to turn off the day.  We created our Read to Me Pillow - a pillow that holds a book - Genius!  It fits the criteria for a great gift - cute, soft, looks gorgeous and is useful.  Wraps up beautiful and can be personalized.  Here's a glimpse of our stock girl and boy styles.  But, it's available in so many different color schemes - it can fit any style.  Many people add books and rattles to complete the look.

                Read to Me Pocket Pillow                    Read to Me Pocket Pillow

This may be the best Baby Shower Gift, especially for a book themed shower.  We make the pillow in quite a few different colors, and being a custom shop its easy to make it the way you want it.

Check out these customized gifts.  A book pillow made for Walter.  The baby's room is navy with a whale theme.  No problem.  We created a solid navy pillow, accented the pocket top with grey ribbon, used grey thread for the embroidery and add the baby's name and a cute whale.  The client loved it!  Or how about a custom gift from Grandma?  She requested a pillow with Story time with Grandma.  She put together a great gift to welcome Daniel.  We get a lot of requests to customize an item, it's color, and to add the baby's name or monogram - and we love the idea of that!  It's so fun to let your ideas come to life and what better time to make a great gift?  A new baby or Grand baby is such a wonderful time to celebrate.  


The Read to Me Pocket Pillow is a beautiful accessory for any nursery.  Reading at bedtime is a great idea to quiet the kids down and relax.  Our pillow is a great place for your child's favorite book, but it's so much more, it's a place to get to the good stuff, a special time alone to share a story, to comfort a worry or to answer a question.  This is where the hugs happen, this is were the love grows.

Tell them a story and tuck them in tight!  Tell them you love them and kiss them good night!