Gifts from the Heart

Valentine's Day has us thinking. Thinking about gifts from the heart and what that means.

Most of us have busy lives and run out of time to do everything on our to-do list. But everyday we have opportunities to be present, and involved and we should take advantage these opportunities.

Simple acts of kindness and love toward someone can make a difference in your life and in theirs, and can also strengthen relationships and create connections. Isn’t that what we all want?

So whether you're looking for Valentine's Day gifts or "just because" gifts, we wanted to share some sweet examples of giving from the heart that we have experienced in our personal lives and in our business.

A customer of ours, Carol sends a monogrammed Widgeon baby jacket for all or her friends who are welcoming a new grandchild. When she had her child 30 years ago, her mom’s friend sent her the Widgeon jacket. This kind gesture has stayed with her, and now she sends this to her friends' children who are welcoming their first child. So, one great gift can lead to a new gifting tradition.

A simple text or message can go a long way. Carolyn’s son Zach — who is currently living in Canada — sends her cute dog videos on Instagram. He knows that she misses her grand pup and this sweet little gesture let's her know he's always thinking of her. Keeping important connections can be so simple and so important.

No great ideas or traditions? Bring your favorite dish. Nancy’s daughter Julia brought homemade biscuits to her boyfriend’s parents. Not just any biscuits. She made the biscuit recipe that has been in her family for generations. We just thought it was so sweet that she wanted to share an old family tradition with her new family.

So, this Valentine's Day and every day, take advantage of opportunities to be present, involved, and giving. Your actions can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

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