3 Great Gift Ideas from Mom to the Bride-to-Be

So, your daughter is getting married! How lovely! You’ll want to take part, but of course on her terms. We love these 3 gift ideas that can help you be present and involved.

  1. Give the Bride a spa day; there is no better place for creating a relaxing vibe. A perfect atmosphere to talk about wedding plans.
  2. Take the bride out to lunch to chat about what you might be able to help with. Help her make lists or organize her ideas.
  3. Send her a Bride gift every month on the anniversary of the wedding - a pre-versary gift! Who doesn't love receiving gifts in the mail? Hands down, our favorite mom gift is the something blue wedding dress label.

Forever Begins Today Wedding Dress Label        Something Blue Wedding Dress Label packaged

Our delicate ribbon is embroidered with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date. Of course, the ribbon is sewn in bridal blue. This special something blue can be sewn into the inner seam of the wedding dress. This is a lovely tradition, just be sure to send it to your daughter in time for her first fitting.

Check out our entire collection of fun Bride gifts that are so easy to send. Other great gifts to consider are our Mr. and Mrs. embroidered pillow cases, a Mrs. bag, or a Bride oxford. Trust that every gift you send will be wrapped up beautifully. Be sure to tell us what you want the card to say, we will hand write that gift message to your Bride.

Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the event... and wait PATIENTLY for those grandkids!