Sew On and Sew Forth

17th Mar 2022

3 great gift ideas from Mom to the Bride to Be

So, your daughter is getting married! How lovely! You’ll want to take part, but of course on her terms. We love these 3 gift ideas that can help you be present and involved. Give the Bride a spa day, there is no better place for creating a relax…

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31st Jan 2022

We've Moved!

Making positive change in a new space. We moved! You may know, several weeks ago, the building we occupied at 840 Castleton Ave suffered a fire. Thankfully no one was injured.  Given the scope of water damage we had to vacate for reno…

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3rd Aug 2021

It's a Bride Boom!

It seems as if the Bridal Industry just opened for the first time.  There are so many Brides!   Re-Do Bride - Couples who were married in civil ceremonies that now get the chance to celebrate with friends and family. The Wait…

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