We've Moved!

Making positive change in a new space.

We moved! You may know, several weeks ago, the building we occupied at 840 Castleton Ave suffered a fire. Thankfully no one was injured.  Given the scope of water damage we had to vacate for renovations.  Which eventually led to relocating.   It was during this phase that we made some defining decisions.

So, what do you do when faced with a bad situation?  Make it better than before!  Wicked Stitches will now serve its clients exclusively online. We did not come to this decision easily. Like so many small businesses, the last year has forced change in how people do business.  Not to bore you with details of lost employees and impossible supply chains, we have homed in on what we do best.  We make great personalized gifts for special occasions in your life.  We have built a wonderful reputation and have gained the trust of our clients.  We are very proud to have achieved this and know that we have some work to do to replicate this with an online presence.  We welcome this challenge and are committed to serving our clients more efficiently and as conveniently as possible.  We have used our resources to make our website easy to navigate, to illustrate our gorgeous, personalized gifts, and to get customers thru the payment process as easily as possible.  It is our hope that our customers will find shopping online to be a simple process and that they can easily find wonderful gifts to send!  For our local clients we have an option to "Pick up" and are open for pickups every Wednesday and Saturday from 10-4.  We invite you to explore our online shop at  Wicked Stitches Gifts

While we no long have a storefront, we have moved to a beautiful production space located at 851 Castleton Avenue. We call it the sunny side of the street - we literally moved across the street from our old store.  It’s here that we will sew and create all our unique personalized gifts. We are actively making the space our own, and it’s a nice change. The new space is almost opposite our last space. The production area is twice the size which allows us to work together more, collaborating and exploring new ideas.  Our office space is bright and inviting making our more mundane tasks cheery.

Perhaps the worst to come from changing to an online business will be losing personal contact with our customers.  We are committed to keeping our high standards when it comes to customer service.  We are always interested in our customers and their experience.  We continue to be available to chat with our customers via phone, email and thru our texting service.  Our texting service is the most popular and available 24/7 so customers can reach us at their convenience.  Text us at 917-909-8668.  Email is info@wickedstitchesgifts.com, and our landline is 718-420-0240.    

Read more about our journey in this article published in our local paper, The Staten Island Advance.  So lucky to have two talented journalists who took the time to get to know us and our story!  


Nancy & Carolyn

Wicked Stitches Gifts