Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - My Heart Belongs To You

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Order our Something Blue Wedding Dress Label for the bride to be.  Create a treasured keepsake!  Make the “Something Blue” something special with our personalized label to sew into your Wedding Dress.  Let everybody know who your heart belongs to!   “My Heart Belongs to a __________", the couple's names and wedding date, this label is the perfect addition to the wedding dress and adds a special touch to wedding photos.

Send it as a gift to the bride or give it at the bridal shower.

The Satin Ribbon Wedding Dress Label is 2.25 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide, the ribbon comes beautifully boxed with a needle and thread for your convenience. Tack it into your wedding gown on all four corners or sew around three sides to make it a pocket for something special you wish to carry with you.

Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - My Heart Belongs to you!  By Wicked Stitches Gifts

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