Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - My Heart Belongs To You

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Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - My Heart Belongs To You

Make your something blue something special. We created this label to be your something blue. The ribbon is sewn into your wedding gown as a precious keepsake of your wedding day. Beautifully wrapped in a silver box along with a poem to describe it's purpose, we include a needle and thread to tack it into your gown. Our best friend style includes the spouse's name and wedding date.

Let everybody know who your heart belongs to!  This label features embroidery: “My Heart Belongs to a __________", the couple's names and wedding date. This label is the perfect addition to the wedding dress and adds a special touch to wedding photos.

The Something Blue Wedding Dress Label is a popular gift for the Bridal Shower or makes a great surprise when mailed to the bride.  A thoughtful, sentimental gift is always well received.  Send your bride to be something unexpected and beautiful, let her know she is special to you!  She'll love you for it!

The Satin Ribbon Wedding Dress Label is 2.25 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide, the ribbon comes beautifully boxed with a needle and thread for your convenience. Tack it into your wedding gown on all four corners or sew around three sides to make it a pocket for something special you wish to carry with you.

Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - My Heart Belongs to you!  By Wicked Stitches Gifts