Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - Occupation and Job inspired

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Something Blue Wedding Dress Label – Occupation and job themed.

Made especially with our firefighter lovers in mind! Our FDNY brides just love this bridal shower gift! When your heart belongs to a firefighter this label for your wedding dress is perfect! The perfect gift for a fireman’s bride! This is the best gift for the bridal shower of a soon to be FDNY wife, she will be so touched that her wedding dress label says that her heart belongs to a firefighter.

This is NOT to say that we don’t appreciate every occupation! This job themed bridal shower gift is perfect for every bride to be! If he is a police officer, a mail carrier, teacher, baker, doctor or a lawyer it’s so clever and completely adorable! Let everybody know who your heart belongs to!  This monogrammed label features his job, the bride and groom's name and wedding date. Make her something blue – something special. This great bridal shower gift just might be the only item she receives that is very special to these two people! Hand made just for them! Best bridal shower gift ever!

Why do we think a job themed label it’s the Best Bridal shower gift?

  • Monogrammed, embroidered and customized just to the bride and groom
  • Bridal blue embroidery = perfect something blue
  • You can customize this for a Police officer, a lawyer, a baker, a mail carrier, an Army man, you name it, we embroider it!
  • Captured in photos and will live forever as a beautiful keepsake!
  • Usually makes the bride cry! OK, that may just be a bit dramatic but TRUE!

The Satin Ribbon Wedding Dress Label is 2.25 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide, the ribbon comes beautifully boxed with a needle and thread for your convenience. Tack it into your wedding gown on all four corners or sew around three sides to make it a pocket for something special you wish to carry with you.