Something Blue Wedding Dress Patch - Monogram

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Something Blue Wedding Dress Label - Monogram

This monogrammed label for the wedding dress is one of the most sentimental items we make. This monogrammed patch for the wedding dress is a great gift idea for the bridal shower. Monogrammed with the bride’s monogram. Our patch is sewn in bridal blue and perfect for the “something blue” item for her wedding day. A perfect gift to send the bride once she gets engaged. This is the top monogrammed gift idea for the bridal party to give to the bride. If you want to include the wedding date, you have the option to do that. But, even without the wedding date, it’s the best monogrammed gift for the bridal shower!

Created to be the something blue, this monogrammed patch is sewn into the wedding dress as a precious keepsake. Beautifully wrapped in a silver box! Inside the monogrammed patch is packaged with a needle and thread. Also included is a special poem for the bride describing the ribbon and how it can be sewn into the wedding dress. Start a new tradition, give the bride a monogrammed label made for the wedding dress.

Will she wear her monogram for the last time, or use her new monogram for the first time? Choose which monogram is best for your friend. Either way this monogrammed patch will be her favorite gift!  The date is optional, and this bridal shower gift is stunning with or without the wedding date. 

The Something Blue Wedding Dress patch is the most popular gift for the Bridal Shower. But it is a wonderful surprise to ship directly to the bride. Just engaged? Send this sentimental monogrammed gift to the bride! Stay in touch and be thoughtful! This monogrammed label for the wedding gown is thoughtful and sentimental. This monogrammed tag for the wedding dress is always well received.  Send your bride this monogrammed label for her wedding dress, it’s something unexpected and beautiful, let her know she is special to you!  She will love her new wedding dress label and will love you for it!

The monogrammed patch is made from satin ribbon measuring 2.25 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide. The ribbon comes beautifully boxed with a needle and thread for your convenience. Tack it into your wedding gown on all four corners or sew around three sides to make it a pocket for something special you wish to carry with you.